Electronic symphonic concert features Barco-powered projection mapping

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What music aficionados and fans alike are calling "the catalyst to the future of electronic dance music,” Electronic Opus delivered an immersive electronic symphonic experience featuring famous works reimagined by world-renowned EDM artist, film composer and technologist Brian Transeau (BT).


A creation of TanZ Group and Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico, Electronic Opus is a multi-dimensional musical event featuring a symphony orchestra merged with synthesized electronic instruments, soaring vocals, a giant innovative hardscape, and brilliantly shapeshifting video. Tying it all together is a stunning interactive 3D projection mapping show, fully enveloping the audience in a kaleidoscope of dynamic sight and sound.

An immersive, sound-driven experience
The unique, interactive segments seamlessly blended with the exclusive synchronized HD video footage, thanks to the extended warping and blending capabilities of the RLM-W14 projector. An additional projector was used to create holographic projections on transparent acrylic panels in front of the orchestra, creating instant mega HD TV walls.

Capturing widespread impressions at the Miami event, Sam Krichevsky, CEO, TanZ Group comments: “The combined effect of the multi-dimensional wall and the perfectly blended projection echoing the acoustical experience was stunning – you felt like you were actually inside the show!”

Committed to cutting-edge entertainment
The premiere Electronic Opus event was the first of several concert dates in the works, launching TanZ Group’s plans to spread the Electronic Opus concept worldwide. Barco is supporting the tour with its large venue projectors, anticipating a long run of this new entertainment concept which many in the industry are calling “the catalyst to the future of electronic dance music.” 

Watch the video of Electronic Opus!