Barco Alchemy now works with Dolby Atmos

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The Barco Alchemy Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) combines media server functionalities with cinema processing electronics into a single projector module with on-board storage. To better match your needs, we're continuously updating this technology. That’s why our new software release (version 1.2.3) includes a wide range of fresh functionalities.

What’s new?
  • Dolby Atmos support
Barco Alchemy is now compatible with the Dolby Atmos CP850 audio renderer. No license is required to access this feature on the ICMP. This is the first implementation of the dual KDM mode for immersive sound, which is the only 100% DCI-compliant method and thus fully future-proof. Content creators, distributors, and technology partners worldwide have been educated on this new workflow. Barco also received confirmation from the studios and standardization bodies that they plan on making this the single use method in the near future. 

  • DCP publishing storage
From now on, you can use your ICMP storage and copy DCP files from there to a third-party server and flawlessly playback on the destination.

  • Higher flexibility for PNG masking
You have full flexibility in the masks you apply to images: you can draw any standard PNG file in the correct resolution and use this as your mask.

  • Support for Dual Active 3D
This is an extension of the dual passive mode that was already integrated. Now you can put both projectors in 3D mode and play back content with accurate synchronization.

  • More alternative content formats supported
For example, the supported compatibility on SDI to all SMPTE SDI formats has been extended. And HDMI3D and audio over DisplayPort support was improved as well.

  • User interface improvements
We’ve made various improvements to the Barco Alchemy user interface such as an enhanced player view.

To have access to these features, make sure to download the latest Communicator version first.