One Campus: where vision, functionality and elegance meet

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The highlight of 2016 at Barco? Surely that would be the inauguration of the brand-new One Campus headquarters in Kortrijk, Belgium, on 27 May. Since its opening, our landmark building has welcomed thousands of visitors, hosted numerous events and even won several awards – all the while proving that vision, functionality and elegance can go hand in hand.

Experience connectedness

“One Campus has undeniably been a major investment for Barco,” says CEO Jan De Witte. “That’s why we’ve set clear goals in terms of what we wanted to achieve with the building from the very start. After several months in use, we can safely state that these objectives have been met or exceeded: the customer experience is highly valued, we’re attracting the right talent with a contemporary, next-generation work environment, and cross-functional collaboration within Barco has seen a significant boost, further feeding the innovative muscles of Barco.”

Awards and recognitions

And people outside of Barco are taking note as well. In November, One Campus and architectural firm Jaspers-Eyers brought home the European Property Award for best office development. In early December, One Campus competed with numerous prestigious projects from Asia Pacific, Africa, Arabia, and the Americas for the award of Best office Building worldwide at the International Property Awards in London. In addition, Barco partner AVC Gemino won the European Aluminium Award for the atrium walls in the new Barco campus. These minimalistic, 6.5-meter high walls are created out of aluminum frames that perfectly follow the ellipsoid curve of the floor and ceiling concrete slab on which they are anchored.