How radiologists can work smarter, not harder (VIDEO)


77% of radiologists believe that efficient workflow has a major impact on the outcome of reading sessions. That’s why we developed a set of software tools to support radiologists with their increasingly busy and complex workload.

Over the years, our researchers built up extensive know-how to help radiologists deal with the pains they are facing. We’ve come to realize that, by targeting three specific areas related to the radiologist’s most important asset, i.e. the display on which they read their images, a lot can be achieved in terms of streamlining workflow. These three areas are: image quality, viewing ergonomics, and ease of use.

Barco’s intuitive workflow toolset has been designed to address exactly those areas, increasing visibility of subtle details, improving focus during reading sessions, and accelerating workflow. It’s how we help radiologists work smarter, not harder.

Intuitive workflow tools for your medical display

In this video series, you’ll learn how to use each specific software feature with your medical display in order to enhance your reading experience and clinical accuracy.

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