Road to InfoComm - Episode 3

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Barco execs are saddling up for the long ride to InfoComm, sharing their insights on how we’re enabling brighter outcomes by helping our customers work together, share insights and wow audiences. Join us on the Road to InfoComm as we explore hot topics and provide a glimpse of what’s to come at the show. And, don't forget to stop by June 14-16 at Booth #3601!

PART I: Navigating a changing digital landscape
The world of work is transforming at a breakneck pace. From emerging technologies that disrupt existing business models, to companies increasingly relying on customer and employee interaction through digital channels, we are in the midst of a new digital revolution. As always, with new opportunities come challenges – especially in the meeting room – where employees possess varying levels of technical aptitude with regard to presentation technology.

IT requests for presentation tech assistanceWhen it comes to using technology for presentations, there is a great divide between those comfortable with the tools of the trade (typically millennials and “app-happy” 20-somethings), and others that struggle with connecting AV devices and often need to make an embarrassing, hurried call to the IT department. One might logically assume that older, c-suite “baby boomers” who did not grow up with digital technology are the group most intimidated by it, and who quickly resort to calling IT to the rescue. But according to a recent study conducted by Vanson Bourne for Barco, just the opposite is true. The data clearly show that two thirds (66%) of requests for assistance to IT regarding presentation technology issues, come from generation X and millennials.

Boardroom blues negatively impact business
This global research based on a survey of 1,250 IT decision makers shows that the reason for the heightened need for IT support is due to a lack of digital skills across businesses. Almost six in 10 (58%) of IT respondents report that employees ask for assistance because they are not digitally savvy enough to resolve IT problems themselves. And it’s a big problem: one in two respondents reported that presentation technology issues were associated with a loss of business (54%) and damage to business reputation (53%). In addition, almost three-quarters claim that presentation technology issues caused important meetings to be postponed (72%), and often resulted in disputes between colleagues (73%).

Technology challenges are a major hurdle for businesses, with presentation issues the most common. They can adversely affect the reputation of a company, workforce productivity and employee morale.

presentation problem bar chartMind the digital skills gap
The study goes on to reveal that presentation technology problems form the most common requests for IT assistance (67%). This is closely followed by internet connection issues (59%), printer issues (55%), mobile device problems (47%), and software issues (41%).   See Figure 1 at right

IT professionals share that the top three issues requiring their support are: connecting hardware (67%), operating meeting or presentation software (58%), and joining web conference meetings (57%). Another growing challenge is the BYOD trend: trouble connecting personal devices that employees and visitors bring to meetings (laptops, tablets and mobile phones).

Finding an intuitive solution to collaboration

Often viewed as functional elements within organizations, IT departments should endeavor to understand employees’ approaches to using technology. Because today’s technologies are often overly complex, there needs to be a concerted effort by decision-makers to simplify company IT, particularly when it comes to presentations. By installing user-intuitive technology, the IT team can provide solutions to the business which drives greater productivity through all departments.

Barco has invested its vast technology know-how into creating wireless presentation solutions that enhance collaboration across the enterprise. Stay tuned for our next blog post, which reveals our path toward developing meeting room solutions that help improve decision-making across the enterprise, from huddle spaces to the executive boardroom.

About the study
1,250 IT decision makers from across the US (500) UK, France and Germany (250 per country) who work across IT & telecoms, retail, financial services, business and professional services, transport and travel, private education, utilities, media leisure and entertainment, manufacturing and production and private healthcare, were interviewed in March 2017 by independent research agency Vanson Bourne. A wide spread of interviews was obtained across age ranges, gender, and organization size.

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