Tools for methodical mammography screening


“We like to find the cancers as small as possible. Obviously, the smaller, the better,” says Dr. Philip Savage, radiologist at Oxford University Hospitals. In breast cancer screening, accurate visualization of small details in the image can save lives.That’s why we developed tools to help radiologists with methodical mammography screening. 

With SpotViewTM, you can create a focal spot to highlight subtle details in the image. (If you want to see how it works, watch our dedicated video on SpotView). But sometimes, you’ll want to focus on part of an image for review across multiple screenings. That’s why SpotView provides additional shapes: a bar shape and a V shape. 

The bar shape can be used across multiple modalities or across multiple images, when comparing mammograms with priors for example. The V-shape is ideal for custom, methodical mammography screening. It can be rotated to align with the chest wall in mammography images and help compare the symmetry of structures. It’s how we make subtle details even more visible for more accurate decisions.