Automate more and better with Barco Alchemy

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Pausing a movie in the middle of an action scene or turning the room lights on before the end credits start to roll can spoil your audience’s movie experience.

The new software version 1.3.2 of the Barco Alchemy ICMP allows you to automate more and do it better too. You can now exactly tune what’s going on in your theater – lights going on, curtains opening etc. – to the movie content, instead of just choosing a time code in your show.

Now you can:

  • Define the best moment to use cues in your playlist 
  • Reposition your content in the right place with image on screen
  • Copy the exact point in time
  • Reuse this point in time to easily create the cues
How you can benefit from Barco Alchemy 

Introduced in 2014 and with more than 15,000 units installed worldwide, Barco Alchemy combines the power of an Integrated Cinema Processor (ICP) and media server onto one projection board, increasing simplicity and reliability. It:

  • Provides powerful processing, capable of playing back 3D movies in 4K and 4K content beyond 30 fps
  • Allows you to store up to 4TB of movie content on your server 
  • Enables DCP playback directly from connected storage
  • Supports alternative content and 4K60 and HDR formats over HDMI2.0
  • Ensures compatibility with all major Theater Management Systems, Auromax® and Dolby Atmos sound systems
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