Barco joins the Tetris Challenge

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Every now and then there’s this hype taking over the internet. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Mannequin Challenge some years ago? Well right now, there’s a new craze going viral on social media called the Tetris Challenge. We decided we just couldn’t let this one pass without creating our own wacky version.

It all started last month when European police, ambulance and fire services posted pictures of all their equipment meticulously arranged next to their patrol vehicles, almost looking like miniature toy-sets. Since then the challenge - named after the classic puzzle video game from the eighties because of the grid-like pattern all the gear is laid out in - would spread around the continent and even the world.

Picture or it didn’t happen.

Emergency services and military teams mainly started spreading these pictures to highlight the huge amount of equipment that needs to fit in their often relatively small vehicles. You could say that also goes for our Barco projectors. How is all this power coming from such a compact design?

Well, if you ever wondered what it looks like on the inside, here’s the answer.

And let’s not forget all the Barco people who put their hard work in the production of these units!