We go the extra mile for your medical display fleet management


It goes without saying that the workstations at a hospital always need to function correctly and comply with local and international regulations. However, it’s not always an easy thing to keep a clear overview of technology in medical organizations. Let us tell you a secret: the keys are efficiency and connectivity. And that’s where Barco now goes the extra mile to make sure our customers can get the very best out of their medical display fleets.

Insightful tools and expert follow-up service

Barco Care Connected services are available in two types: Barco DisplayCare and Barco ManagedCare. With both, we want to help our customers take their medical display fleet management to a higher level, by lowering their total cost of ownership, and increasing their compliance level. So they can focus on what matters most: enabling better patient outcomes.

DisplayCare and ManagedCare customers receive a dedicated professional extension of our QA management software QAWeb Enterprise.

What else is included in these Connected services?

Barco DisplayCare

Barco DisplayCare

Barco DisplayCare centers on virtual support by a certified expert on Barco products, offering the self-service tools and data insights with which customers can keep track of their PACS workstations.

  • Virtual onboarding: a Barco expert will help you kick off your subscription by setting up a remote onboarding call
  • Quarterly training sessions: live online trainings to help you get the most out of your medical display fleet
  • Annual site assessment: a yearly 1-hour call with a Barco expert, in which we take a broader look at your medical display fleet
Barco ManagedCare

Barco ManagedCare dives deeper into medical organizations’ display fleets. Customers can enjoy:

  • Onsite kick-off: a Barco expert will guide you through the entire kick-off journey at your hospital
  • Specialized training: an official Barco certified training with a 2-year validity period
  • Weekly follow-up: a Barco expert will perform remote weekly checks of your medical display fleet status in QAWeb Enterprise
  • Biweekly calls: for all escalation issues regarding QAWeb Enterprise and topics listed in the A&D log
  • Quarterly QA reviews: detailed test reports of your diagnostic display fleet
  • Yearly onsite fleet assessment: an annual presentation of your entire medical display fleet status, offering you essential data to anticipate on future challenges
Barco Care Connected Services will be available in the US and in designated regions in EMEA.