Your eye in the sky: WallConnect Cloud lets you monitor your video walls remotely


Are you still keeping track of your video walls through excel sheets and manual log files? Are you losing precious time with endless back-and-forth communication to diagnose the most straightforward issues? And are you tired of those stressful last-minute physical service interventions?

Just imagine the time and money you would save with a cloud-based solution that facilitates worry-free administration and remote serviceability. That is why Barco introduces the new WallConnect Cloud platform: an opportunity for system integrators to get the most out of their video wall installations.

Monitoring and diagnosing equipment remotely are big plusses for any organization – and not just in times of a widespread pandemic. It reduces time-consuming and expensive travelling, and allows to react more quickly to issues. Using WallConnect Cloud, system integrators can now monitor and diagnose their installed base of video walls in a convenient and secure way without the need to travel onsite.

This not only allows them to directly send the needed spare parts onsite, but sometimes enables to fix the problem remotely. The results: lower costs and a faster fix of the issue. Furthermore, the reduced travel needs also contribute to a more sustainable business.

Building on proven technology

WallConnect Cloud builds on the WallConnect software platform (released in 2019). The newly introduced WallConnect Edge hardware appliance, with its IoT capabilities now securely connects to the WallConnect Cloud platform enabling remote monitoring, diagnostics and control of the video wall..The live dashboards give real-time information on the operating conditions of the video wall displays for more effective device analysis and proactive troubleshooting. Users can securely access the IoT platform on any device with an internet connection.

WallConnect Cloud is offered per video wall as a yearly subscription or as part of Barco service packages. The first version of WallConnect Cloud platform is available for the Barco UniSee series, and the RGB Laser ODL-721 and ODL-821. . The platform will be gradually extended to other products.

Do you want to know more about WallConnect Cloud? Then visit the landing page or download the brochure.