5 good reasons to add ClickShare to your Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex Room


Maybe your offices are equipped with fixed conference room solutions like a Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom room. Or maybe you are looking to install a fixed solution in the near future. At any rate, there is an easy way to enhance your video conference experience in these meeting rooms with ClickShare. You can step up and bring videocall collaboration in your enterprise to the next level.

Focus on collaboration, not on the videocall

Fixed conference rooms provide a simple way to have a videoconference or a hybrid meeting. They offer a complete meeting experience bringing high quality video, audio and usually offer a way to share screen content with other meeting participants. But essentially, the stress is on conferencing, not on collaborating.

Adding a ClickShare wireless presentation solution to your fixed set-up enhances interactivity, productivity and collaboration in all your Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom meetings. It makes meetings simple, easy and wireless.

What are the benefits of adding ClickShare wireless presentation to your fixed conference room?

1. Make content sharing into your Microsoft Teams or Zoom room wireless

You don’t need HDMI cables or adaptors that mess up the meeting table. And you avoid having to pass on cables from one presenter to another during a meeting (how clumsy and irritating is that?).

2. There’s only one easy user experience for both face-to-face and hybrid meetings

The experience for all users in the room is simple, unified and wireless. Anyone can share, you don’t need to join the videocall to be able to share a video or slide from your powerpoint presentation. There’s no need to install drivers before starting and you don’t experience bandwidth problems. Adding to that, you avoid audio interferences from other laptops dialing in.

3. You share content wirelessly, any way you want

Share any way you want, use the ClickShare Button (Pc or Mac), ClickShare App (laptop, mobile or tablet) or BYOD (Airplay, GoogleCast and Miracast). With one simple click you get content on screen with your own device. No cables, no software to download, no training needed. Within seconds you and your guests present, meet, collaborate with our one-click meeting experience. You have easy access to interactivity features like annotation, blackboarding and touch back support.

4. Have two sources on screen in the meeting room and in the video call

With ClickShare, multiple pieces of content can be shared side by side on the room display and in the VC call. In a standard fixed conference room setup, and the other hand, only one person can share at the same time.

5. Anyone can share, employees or guests

Your guests can easily join the meeting and share content on the meeting room display and in the VC call. The experience is no different than for your own workforce. They can share content using the ClickShare Button or any BYOD protocol (Airplay, Google Cast, Miracast).

How to add wireless presentation to a Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom room?