Barco solutions in 3D with new augmented reality app

Lesezeit 2 Min.

A Barco projector that fits your pockets. Or a demo unit of our latest solutions on your desk in just a matter of seconds? We made it possible. Together with In The Pocket, a Belgian based digital product studio, we developed an augmented reality application for mobiles that features realistic and true-to-scale 360° renderings of our products. With the free Barco AR product viewer, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you can check out the Barco solutions in full 3D, wherever you are!

With Barco AR, it’s as if our products* are standing right in front of you. You can get a complete 360° view and zoom in on details like input/output slots and navigation panels. With just one click on the indicated areas, you’ll see additional technical specifications and interesting product highlights. And if you then still need more information on the product, you can easily clickthrough directly to the corresponding product pages on our website where you can request a real demo unit.

Barco AR is perfect for a quick but comprehensive introduction to our Barco products. With this app you’ll always have a virtual unit close at hand. That way customers can always go back to have another detailed look at their own pace, and easily share the product information with colleague decision-makers.

The free Barco AR mobile app is both iOS and Android compatible. Click the corresponding links to download the app on your phone.




*Today, the available products in the Barco AR app are: PDS-4K, UDX and G100. This list will be extended over time with some of our other signature products.