Bringing our diagnostic portfolio to 1,500+ radiologists across the USA with Strategic Radiology


We’re happy to announce that we’re now collaborating with Strategic Radiology, an American radiology association for private practices. Their 1,500+ affiliated radiologists can benefit from our radiology and mammography solutions, through our valued, US-based Barco reseller Elecom Systems.

About Strategic Radiology

Strategic Radiology is an American coalition of privately owned, independent radiology practices. In total, they represent a membership of over 1,500 radiologists across the USA.

Radiologist at Southeast Radiology working with a Barco Coronis Uniti monitor
Dr Vogia, one of the radiologists working at Southeast Radiology

Diagnostic accuracy & clinical productivity

Via our valued partner Elecom Systems, Strategic Radiology members can choose a variety of our high-quality diagnostic monitors – to use in the hospitals they support, at outpatient clinics as well as in their homes.

“Cutting-edge radiological image visualization technology”

Two Strategic Radiology members have already taken advantage of this new partnership: Naugatuck Valley Radiological Associates, and Southeast Radiology, Ltd.

Dr Eric Rubin, radiologist at Southeast Radiology reacts: “The recently implemented relationship between Strategic Radiology and Barco has allowed Southeast Radiology to align cutting-edge radiological image visualization technology with the rapidly evolving needs of private practice radiologists.”

Happy to support American private practices in their aim to deliver optimal patient outcomes!

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