Introducing TruePix: the smart move for your LED video wall


Barco has an excellent track record when it comes to innovation in LED. We helped to shape this technology since 1998, introducing some of the most valued products and most impressive installations. Today, we launch another milestone in this history. The new gamechanger is called TruePix and is designed completely from the ground to perfect all aspects of the LED experience. From installation, throughout its long lifetime, to after sales support and maintenance, TruePix will delight both customers and audiences in control rooms, television studios, lobbies, boardrooms, auditoriums, and other corporate applications.


With the ongoing cost erosion, LED technology is now within the reach of most companies. With TruePix, Barco combines the latest technological evolutions, a vast amount of expertise, and innovative, smart engineering. These high-resolution 16:9 tiles are available in multiple options, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9 to 1.9 mm.

Perfecting installation thanks to smart engineering

Installing an LED video wall is a very tricky task. The imperfections in flatness of both the walls and the floors often cause mechanical stress in the frames of the tiles. This can lead to damage or difficulties during maintenance. The auto-balancing system of TruePix effectively counters these imperfections, making sure the LED video wall is always level and frictionless.

Image quality, at its best

The Infinipix® Gen2 image processing system ensures an unmatched viewing experience for all types of content. TruePix is the first product to use this superior system. This means content on a TruePix wall will have no visual distortions, low latency, perfect sync, no tearing, and great color accuracy - even when dimmed. The result are rich and true-to-life images. The EcoPower mode even ensures reduced energy consumption, helping to limit the ecological footprint.

Support for 10 years

An LED video wall is an investment for the long haul. That is why Barco takes every measure to deliver the promised experiences to its customers, for up to 10 years! During that period, we ensure batch compatible modules, bringing complete peace of mind and a reduced cost of ownership over the full lifetime of the product.