5 reasons to choose TruePix direct-view LED for your control room


More and more control rooms are choosing direct-view LED technology for their video wall. With the introduction of Barco’s TruePix platform, finally there is an LED solution that easily meets the most stringent requirements of the control room market.

LED technology has been used for many years mainly for advertising and the live entertainment industry. As LED manufacturers continued to reduce the size of LEDs, direct-view LED also became more suitable for control room applications. The reduced pixel pitch now allows operators to see content from a shorter distance. Another reason why direct-view LED has become more attractive for control room applications is the price reduction of LED modules during recent years.

Barco’s new TruePix platform builds on our 25 years of LED manufacturing and recent achievements in video wall innovation, but it also goes a few steps further. Thanks to a number of game-changing Barco developments, it has become more attractive than ever to invest in LED.

Here are five reasons why TruePix LED technology is a great idea for your control room.

Reason #1 - Accurate visualization of critical content

Control room operators need to be able to view their video wall content with full confidence. They need to be sure that there are no missing details that can lead to slow or wrong decisions. Barco’s TruePix LED platform ensures accurate visualization of critical content in impeccable image quality through a combination of smart engineering and advanced image processing:

  • A flat wall and seamless image, thanks to perfectly aligned LED modules and a self-regulating wall structure
  • A high-performance processing platform Infinipix Gen2, which ensures color accuracy and contrast at any brightness level
  • Color-critical accuracy in both dimmed mode and at full brightness with the same color tone, color bit depth, grayscale and level of detail
Reason #2 - Improved operator well-being


Operators can easily get physically drained doing long shifts of focused work. This can cause a state of impaired alertness, which may result in slower reaction times. That’s why control room staff need a video wall that is designed for operator well-being and visual comfort.

Driven by Barco’s InfiniPix Gen2 processing platform, TruePix allows operators to see bright and sharp images for all types of content, with uniformed colors across the overview display. This offers the highest viewer comfort, prevents eye fatigue, and reduces stress levels.

Reason #3 - Ready for 24/7 operations

Today’s control rooms need a video wall that is up and running 24/7. TruePix is the best guarantee for efficient, uninterrupted service and maximum profitability.

TruePix offers:

  • Redundancy of several critical components to maximize uptime in case one component fails
  • A smart failover system to ensure an uninterrupted data flow
  • High serviceability and easy module replacement, reducing service downtime to a minimum
Reason #4 - Easy, risk-free installation

The installation of a video wall is critical because it defines what the video wall will look like for many years. A faulty installation may result in clearly visible anomalies, such as large gaps between LED panels. TruePix is the first LED video wall platform that pays so much attention to a seamless, risk-free installation.

TruePix offers:

  • A smart mounting structure that neutralizes imperfections of the underlying wall surface
  • A camera-guided module placement, reducing the risk of LED damage
  • Full front and rear access, which makes installation easier and less intrusive.
Reason #5 - Long-term supportability

A video wall is an investment for the long haul. Barco has been investing continuously in technologies and services that make LED a safe choice for many years.

TruePix is future ready, thanks to:

  • 10 years of dedicated support for your system
  • Fast resolution with fully batch-compatible modules
  • Remote video wall management
  • Barco’s EssentialCare and SmartCare Services
  • Solid network of regional service partners
The time is now for LED

There has never been a better time than now to invest in LED. Not only has the market and the LED module technology been evolving favorably for critical applications, but with the introduction of Barco’s revolutionary TruePix platform, the future looks bright for LED in control room applications.