Looking for impactful visuals? Three reasons to choose the UDM.

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When talking about the UDM projectors, we always start with highlighting its compact size and light weight. And we do that because that’s an important thing for the rental companies. But the cool thing about the UDM is that it’s a small projector delivering big performances! Uncompromised design. Uncompromised impact! Let’s see what that means.

Impactful 4K experiences

Choosing the UDM is choosing impactful 4K experiences. It has the best 4K pixel shifting performance available in the market today thanks to the premium 2560x1600 DMD chip, up to 240Hz refresh rates and the unique Barco Pulse processing!

Barco Pulse is the powerful 4K electronics backbone that’s integrated in all our new projectors. The corresponding proprietary Single Step Processing (SSP) technology enables our projectors to perform warping, scaling and 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) processing in only one step. This results in razor-sharp images and market-leading lowest latency.

Truthful colors

With the UDM series you can bring your content to life as intended with vibrant yet natural colors. The projectors offer the most truthful and vivid color performance outperforming the Rec. 709 color space.

What’s more, the same Pulse software platform we mentioned earlier, also makes our unique Barco dynamic contrast feature available on the UDM projectors. Thanks to an internally developed smart algorithm, the DynaBlack ultra-fast processing, increases the contrast ratio of your UDM projector from 2.200:1 up to an incredible 20.000:1.



DynaBlack makes darker scenes darker without any processing latency, which is crucial in today’s projectors, especially with HDR content. With superlative black levels the quality of your content enhances incredibly and the contrast in dark images really stands out.

Best of the test

And even without all this spec talk, the UDM projections convince with bright and magnificent visuals. Sean Lee, CEO of d’strict, recounts how they “did a blind test with multiple projector brands and Barco’s UDM came out as the best image quality.” As a result, the Korean design company appointed Barco as the sole projector supplier in the next four years for all their upcoming immersive digital installations and colorful media art exhibitions around the globe. 


Visit us at  ISE 2023, from January 31-February 3, at the FIRA in Barcelona, to witness the UDM’s outstanding visual capabilities with your own eyes and learn more about the newest features in the Pulse ecosystem.


Next time

With the UDM you can address the high expectations of your audiences and bring the WOW factor through the brightest colors and superb image quality. And you can do it day after day! Because the show must always go on. That’s why in the next blog post, we’ll share the secrets of what makes the UDM a RELIABLE sidekick.