ClickShare cybersecurity certification. What does that mean to you?

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Obtaining the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification is a way of saying that a company is properly executing information security management on all processes defined in the scope of that certificate. The company also commits to the fact that security is a continuous improvement process. So, when needed, strategy can be adjusted in light of the continuously changing cybersecurity threat landscape. As one of the few wireless presentation and collaboration solutions in the market covered by an ISO27001 certificate, ClickShare has become your most trusted choice.

With the ISO 27001 certificate covering ClickShare, Barco is showing that the processes and infrastructure that help develop ClickShare are secure. ISO 27001 is the most comprehensive program for information security. The standard looks at everything that addresses information security in an organization, including:

  • Organization: Have clear information security objectives been defined in the organization and is a structured framework in place to report status back to management?
  • People: How aware is the organization’s staff of their role in preventing and reducing cyber threats, whether it’s handling sensitive data or understanding how to spot phishing emails?
  • Processes: What roles, documentation and processes does the organization have to mitigate cyber security risks?
  • Infrastructure: How are IT assets managed? Is access control well managed by the organization?

ClickShare ISO 27001 audits

ClickShare received ISO 27001 certification for its overall security management in January 2019. To achieve this, Barco was submitted to a third-party audit of everything related to development, sales, deployment and support of ClickShare. The goal was to ensure that all processes are in place and followed to provide a waterproof solution and that if an issue arises in the future, it is dealt with in an appropriate way.


Audits are run every year. This enables us to work on continuous improvement and keep ClickShare as safe as possible for all of our users.
- David Martens


The audit was carried out for all ClickShare development centers: Kortrijk, Taipei and Noida. From examining information security management in the development processes to checking physical security aspects like badging and door procedures. The security controls were implemented based on an extensive risk assessment.

“ISO 27001 audits are run every year,” says David Martens. “This enables us to work on continuous improvement and keep ClickShare as safe as possible for all our users based on the latest evolutions in cyber security.”

Keep your ClickShare secure

As a ClickShare user, you can take security in your own hands as well, for example by always installing the latest patches and security updates for your software solutions.

For the smoothest and safest ClickShare experience, we strongly recommend updating your ClickShare units to the latest ClickShare firmware.