Eco and ergo: Barco welcomes new members in the TruePix family

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Truepix TP-i TP1.2-I product image led video wall green tower

The success story of Barco TruePix continues. Our flagship LED video wall family welcomes a new variant. TP-I is a cutting-edge indoor LED video wall solution that sets a new standard for visual excellence, seamlessly combining smart engineering, energy efficiency and ergonomics. This new introduction complements Barco’s existing TruePix portfolio.

The launch of TruePix set a new standard for LED video walls. Its unique mounting technology (which ensures seamless outcomes), impressive image quality and longevity charmed the market. Available with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9 to 1.9 mm, with standard and mid-brightness (E-range) levels, TruePix already answered the needs of most customers. 

Captivating visuals with added brightness

The TruePix TP-I range now complements this portfolio with a 1.2 mm (available now) and 0.9 mm (available from Q4 2024 onwards) product, and also offering the respective TAA compliant versions. Boosting remarkably high brightness levels exceeding 1000 nits (and even 2300 nit peak brightness), TP-I delivers vivid and captivating visuals in even the most challenging lighting conditions. 

This improvement in brightness level is mainly due to the flip chip and common cathode technology introduced in TruePix TP-I. While LED technology is already renowned for the excellent contrast levels, TruePix TP-I takes this one step further. With further increased black levels, TP-I ensures that every pixel truly stands out. All details are thus more pronounced, accounting for a unique viewing experience. Coupled with the Infinipix Gen2 processor, TP-I ensures excellent performance at any brightness level: very high or severely dimmed.

Eco and ergo

With TruePix TP-I, Barco takes a significant leap forward in ecological performance and reduces power consumption by more than 45%! This makes TP-I an environmentally conscious choice for all large video wall needs. Next to the obvious sustainability benefits and a reduced energy bill, this impressive reduction has another benefit: significantly less radiated heat. The result is a more comfortable working environment (especially during long shifts), with less noise from air conditioning systems.

You can witness TP-I in action at the InfoComm 2024 tradeshow (Las Vegas, 12-14 June) on booth C5309.