Barco research on 3D imaging in medical environments recognized at SPIE Medical Imaging Conference


At Barco, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in medical imaging. Recently, we participated in the SPIE medical imaging conference, where our research into 3D imaging for medical environments received notable recognition.

3D imaging in medical environments: what about display QA?

Despite 3D displays already being used in medical environments, there remains a lack of calibration and quality assurance methods for visualization of 3D images.

The work of our Barco Labs team aims to bridge this gap by gaining insights in how we perceive them. These insights can eventually help establish calibration and QA guidelines for medical 3D displays.

This research project received a 2024 SPIE Honorable Mention Award. The Barco Labs team was present at SPIE with a demo setup, which triggered enthusiastic reactions from medical professionals, as well as thoughts on how they would integrate 3D imaging into their own workflow.

Real-time AI in the operating room

In parallel, our team presented a second research project, about the integration of artificial intelligence in the operating room.

AI algorithms can take up to several seconds to process information, which is a very long time for critical environments like surgery. The Barco Labs team researched ways to shorten AI processing and make this scalable to hardware that is commonly used in operating rooms.

They managed to shorten processing to the time it takes a camera to film one frame – in other words, real-time. With more research and development, qualitative AI algorithms will be able to contribute accurately during surgical procedures.

These results were made possible in part by Flemish government support for innovation.