Walking on cloud nine with the G-series

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A person accessing the Projector Management Suite tool while standing in a rental warehouse

Visionaries predicted it many times before. Cloud technology is the next big thing. Now it’s up to the visioneers to take the next step and implement the smart technology. And guess what? That’s exactly what we’re doing with our future projection platforms. Let’s recap on the what, why and how of IoT in AV.

What’s the Barco solution?

Couple years ago, our visioneers were the first in the industry to develop a cloud-based Internet of Things solution for enhanced remote fleet management. The Barco Insights Management Suite is designed to simplify and facilitate remote monitoring and serviceability of projectors.

The first version of the Insights Management Suite was available for the UDM and UDX flagship line projectors only. It later extended the availability with the launch of the XDM and XDX RGB laser projectors. Our most recent numbers shows that nearly 2,000 projectors registered to the Insights platform.

The big news today is that the Management Suite is also supported for the G-series smart line projectors. With lowest cost of ownership, compact size and long lifetime the smart line projectors are designed to offer consistent quality over time at the best TCO. And the good news is that this platform is continuously growing with a new addition coming to InfoComm 2023!     

Is the AV market ready? YES!

Trendwatchers are certain that over the next decade the adoption rates of Internet of Things (IoT) will flourish as it settles in the core of our personal lives. But also increasingly in industrial B2B applications, from intelligent soda vending machines to, who would have thought, smart laser projectors and video walls. 

In the last half year, we surveyed our AV customers about the topic. And today the results are clear. While a small percentage of the interviewees is still hesitant about using connected AV equipment, a massive 70% indicates being fully ready for it.

70% see no problem in connected AV equipment

19% of interviewees are undecided

11% of interviewees do not feel comfortable (yet) in using connected AV equipment

And it’s not just rental companies who are ready to explore the benefits of IoT technology. System integrators for the workplace market and themed entertainment industry are also increasingly cloud-curious.

What are the benefits of cloud-enabled AV?

In an ideal world, technology would never fail at those most inconvenient moments. But we don't live in an ideal world, or are we?  

Whereas a human can call the doctor when something is off, and describe the symptoms, a device just keeps going until it breaks down. By then it is too late to ‘save the patient’. Proactive maintenance is probably the best way to give users the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong. A dashboard with live statuses of all your infrastructure can do wonders for your operability, profitability, and peace of mind.

Our interviewees agree: the greatest strength of cloud technology is that it allows you to easily access your solution anywhere and from any device that can be connected to the internet. Cloud services and remote access to health monitoring and diagnostics enable you to move fast and react immediately when needed. It means less travel hours, saving you considerable time and money.

Can I try this?

Yes, register your projector(s) and you immediately get access to the Monitor features for 2 years. Want more? For a FREE 90-day trial of Insights Management Suite Control features, go to and log in with your myBarco credentials. Check the dashboard overview of your projector serial numbers and click the button to activate the free trial.