ClickShare winter software releases bring simplified registration and an enhanced end-user experience

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New year, new ClickShare updates! We are starting off 2024 with exciting improvements for both IT managers and end users. With the 2.18 firmware release, everyone can enjoy better meeting experiences. 

From the start of your journey with ClickShare, during the registration process and on to your regular, everyday meetings, the ClickShare experience is now smoother and quicker than ever!  

What’s new? 

  • Simplified, QR-based registration for your ClickShare devices 
  • Full configuration of your CX-50 2nd gen devices via XMS Cloud, including the automatic switching feature 
  • Enhanced ClickShare Desktop App experience 

Deep dive into our new developments

1. Improvements for IT Managers

Simplified, QR-based registration  

Registering your ClickShare device is now a piece of cake with our brand-new QR-code based registration. Scan the QR code with your smartphone and register your device in less than 2 minutes thanks to our simplified registration flow. 

Where can you find the QR code? 
  • As a sticker on the device (only for devices shipping with 2.18 or higher pre-installed)
  • On the setup screen after powering the device up for the first time
  • On the XMS registration page of the Base Unit Web Configurator and Configuration Wizard 

Devices without the physical QR code sticker should be upgraded to 2.18 first. 

How does the new registration flow work? 
  1. Scan the QR code on the device, setup screen or ClickShare Configurator to register the device for SmartCare.
  2. Login to your Barco account and select your role. 
  3. Create and configure your organization account.
  4. Add the new Base Units by scanning the QR code. Base Units that are already registered will be recognized. 
  5. Enjoy SmartCare and simplified device management via XMS Cloud.

    Check the steps illustrated below!
Why should you register for access to SmartCare and XMS Cloud? 
  • The SmartCare package, our free service, offers you 5 years of warranty for your ClickShare devices at no additional cost, upon registering your devices.
  • XMS Cloud will enable you to remotely manage your ClickShare devices. Our management platform gives IT professionals full device control, proactive intervention and maximum uptime for the meeting room tech you worked so hard to implement. 

XMS Cloud enhancements

Fully configure your CX-50 2nd gen devices via XMS Cloud 

2. Improvements for end users

Enhanced ClickShare Desktop App 

The latest ClickShare App releases brings a user friendlier, more intuitive ClickShare Desktop App experience. We have streamlined the notifications and pop-up messages, ensuring you are alerted exclusively to matters of genuine significance.

Enjoy a smoother meeting flow and focus your attention on your priorities, with zero interference.  

For example, we have updated the ClickShare PresentSense™ flow so you can connect with the App to your meeting room in a more seamless and intuitive way, leaving you in full control.