OverView MVL-721

Industry-standard 70” full HD 16:9 LED video wall

  • High brightness
  • Redundancy of critical components
  • Low power consumption
  • Remote management
  • High reliability
  • Sustainable product

Über OverView MVL-721

The OverView MVL-721 is an easy to operate 16:9 LED-lit projection module that has been designed to offer the typical detail, brightness, and features in full HD resolution for control rooms where space is not a constraint.

This follow-up of the successful OverView MVL-721 Gen1 offers a well-balanced set of essential features, perfectly fitting the standard requirements. All this comes without any compromise in quality, and with a special focus on sustainability – in terms of limited power consumption, long lifetime and ability to upcycle. 

Unmatched LED lifetime and brightness

The next-generation LED light source drastically improves the brightness of the MVL-721. With a 55% increase in maximum engine light output compared with the first generation, the MVL-721 can be deployed in virtually all indoor lighting conditions. This impressive increase in brightness is realized with the exact same power needs. 

MVL-721 also brings an important step-up in reliability, featuring redundant inputs to ensure a continuous data flow, an optional external power supply with automatic failover, and a light source lifetime of over 100,000 hours.

Easy installation and remote management

Barco's Video wall Manager software makes it a lot easier to install, configure and control the video wall. The cloud-based Video wall Management Suite, on its part, allows remote monitoring, diagnostics and control for Barco video walls. Allowing this kind of remote management from a central location, lowers operational costs and ensures faster and more effective troubleshooting.

  • Bildseitenverhältnis 16:9
  • Full-HD-Auflösung
  • Mühelose Installation
  • Technologie für lange LED-Lebensdauer
  • Geringe Geräuschentwicklung
  • Betrieb rund um die Uhr
  • Redundante LED-Auslegung, redundante Eingänge

MVL-721 achieves eco green score

The OverView MVL-721 scores great at Barco's stringent Eco score methodology. Not only is power consumption limited, but also the lifetime is second to none. What's more, the product is also easily accessible to ease maintenance and repairs. Also technology upgrades are possible, which limits waste.


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OverView MVL-721

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