A step-up in performance

Your lamp-based Barco/projectiondesign F3x-series has reached the end of its lifetime, and now is the time to look for a replacement model for your installation. Did you know that the Barco FL40 projector is designed to directly replace the F3x-series projectors? Why go for second best, when you can have all the benefits of your trusted model - and more?


Benefits of LED light sources

  • Low power consumption
  • Impressive reliability
  • Long lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance visits

Why Barco's FL40 is the best upgrade choice

Comparison of F-series and FL40 showing screws and bolts are on the same location
  • Bolts and screws are positioned in exactly the same location, so swap without drilling
  • All existing FLD/FLD+ lenses are compatible with the FL40, so reuse your current investment
  • Going from lamp to LED gives you a full solid-state product, with incredible robustness and lifetime performance
  • Benefit from Barco Pulse electronics and image processing with up to 240Hz frame rates
  • At home in every environment, from simulators to themed immersive experiences

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