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Utilities providers have the huge responsibility to bring vital services like electricity, oil, gas and water to the public and industry. The energy and utilities sectors are increasingly focused on digital transformation, a movement that promises great wins in terms of improved interactions with customers, streamlined operations, automated processes and greater efficiencies. This transition however needs to happen risk-free, without any (or carefully planned) outages of the control room equipment.

Accelerate your digital transformation

The digital transition requires pre-validated technology building blocks that you can implement as you grow, based on your needs. Essentially, they need to be SCADA-agnostic, and are compatible with any data provider, which helps to make your control room modernization a smoother process.

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Managing your data flow

As the central intelligence hub of the organization, the control room collects, analyzes and distributes all available data. (Cyber)security is key here: all digital assets need to be protected from malicious interventions, but at the same time operations need to be flexible and simple. Barco has designed a control room software and hardware platform (called Barco CTRL) that answers all requirements of energy & utilities professionals.

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Secure your Common Operational Picture

Barco’s solutions offer you a secure and stable environment where you can focus on your operations 24/7,. Operators and supervisors can collect real-time information from disparate, isolated networks and interact with their OT and IT sources on a secure common operational picture or ergonomic operator workspace.  Barco’s solutions for the control room workplace, like Barco OpSpace, have been specifically designed with the operator in mind, allowing control room professionals to view their content more efficiently, share it faster, and make critical decisions quicker..

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Additional control room applications

The Energy & Utilities sector often needs additional control room functionalities than traditional monitoring of the grid. (Cyber)security applications, for example, or a crisis room for in-depth communication and decision-making between various stakeholders (including the control room managers, C-level management, and external experts). Also for these applications Barco has dedicated solutions in its portfolio.

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