Raylight projection mapping

Gorizia, IT - 2014

Barco business projectors and loads of experience: the keys to an amazing projection mapping show

How bright are Barco’s business projectors? And are they really reliable? Just ask the inhabitants of the charming Italian town of Gorizia and the thousands of people who visited their ‘Raylight’ projection mapping event in September 2014 … they’ll all unanimously answer “absolutely!”.

Impressive projection mapping …
To commemorate the over 500,000 soldiers who died in the mountains surrounding Gorizia in 1915 and 1918, the town decided to stage a unique multimedia spectacle in 2014. As Gorizia is located right on the border between Italy and Slovenia, artists from both countries joined forces to make some fantastic video artwork that was used in an impressive projection mapping show. Flavio Chianese, project manager of Barco, was the inspiration and technical brain behind the initiative. He called in the help of 3D artists Marco Travan, Romano Ballaben and Roberta Corbelli – from the Slovenian company “Illusio” -, 3D graphics engineer Henry Bonamigo and graphics designer Emanuele Musulin.

… powered by business projectors!
As the main event sponsor, Barco gladly provided one Barco 10,000 lumen, single-chip projector from the Present series, as well as four RLM projectors to ensure the crispest possible display of all the artwork. Everyone involved in the technical set-up was astonished to see how the business projector did such a fantastic job, projecting onto a grey surface at 43 meters distance, for 40 days on end. “The show was a great opportunity for Barco to confirm the power of its business projectors, its 3D projection mapping capabilities and its expertise in projection mapping,” Flavio concluded.


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