Barco projectors light up Co Loa Thanh Tower in Vietnam

Hoi An, VN - 2018

Barco Solution

  • HDF-W30 FLEX

Why Barco?

  • Outstanding brightness
  • Wide brightness range
  • Easy installation

The 28.7 meters tall Co Loa Thanh Tower lit up the night in the middle of the river at Lang Viet Village with a stunning 3D projection mapping and lighting show. The creative team behind the Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An project decided to captivate their audience with stories presented through beautiful images and videos on the surface area of Co Loa Thanh Tower, a remarkable canvas visible from afar. They approached Tran Linh Show Vietnam to provide technical expertise and ideas, and also to seek projector technology that was proven reliable for the show. There was only one brand they considered: Barco.

Why Barco?

There were several reasons for choosing Barco. First and foremost, the show required nine rugged projectors that were easy to install along with necessary services. Barco projectors were ideal to this requirement thanks to their modular design.

The nine sets of Barco projectors had to be stacked in two different towers, aligning all these projectors could have been an exhaustingly difficult task but Barco projectors are known to be easy to align because of their extended warping and blending features.

“We knew the HDF W30 Flex projectors offered high stability, even when stacked,” explains Nguyen Chau Linh from Thanh Link Show. “They’re also renowned for projecting on enormous canvases – a must for this project – with incredible color accuracy and brightness.”

Bright ideas

The brightness technology of Barco projectors was a vital factor in the making of our choice.

The ability to tune the brightness of the projectors enabled us present the right images in the show in the way they had been envisioned,” explains Nguyen Chau Linh. “Although the FLEX technology behind this is a standard component in the Barco projector, it is quite possibly the projector’s most remarkable feature.”

The brightness range of the projectors ranges from 18,000 to 30,000 lumens, making it perfect for projection mapping on a large-scale canvas such as the Co Loa Thanh Tower, not only at night, but even during daylight hours. It ensured the Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An show was a truly memorable visual spectacle.

Mr. Nguyen Chau Linh from Tran Linh Show says, “It’s always a delight to surpass client expectations, but the HDF W30 Flex surpassed ours as a supplier. It was so well suited to this project, it was almost as if Barco had tailor-made it to the client needs in advance!”

“It’s always a delight to surpass client expectations, but the HDF W30 Flex surpassed ours as a supplier."

Mr. Nguyen Chau Linh

Tran Linh Show

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