Yokogawa’s customer showroom shines even brighter with Barco UniSee

Singapore, SG - 2018

Yokogawa is a leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions. Already a Barco partner for many years, the launch of Barco UniSee in Singapore inspired them to become a customer as well by installing a 4x3 tiled LCD video wall in their In-Space (Innovation Space) customer experience centre. Barco UniSee is the impressive tool Yokogawa needed to display high-resolution images, media files and presentations for their visitors; its precise color and brightness settings highlight every detail. The installation gives customers a taste of the clear, crisp presentations that Barco UniSee makes possible.

Barco solution:

  • Barco UniSee 4x3

Why Barco ?

  • Bezel-less design with NoGap technology
  • Sense X real-time and continuous calibration
  • Mounting structure with automatic alignment
  • Reliable and easy to service

Control systems and solution-based software are the focuses at Yokogawa, where they deliver field-proven operational efficiency, safety, quality and reliability. They combine superior technology with engineering services, project management and maintenance—all with an eye on sustainability and improving the world for future generations. The company goal is to contribute to and enhance society through broad-ranging, innovative solutions that support the infrastructure and manufacturing activities the community depends on.

From partner to customer

Yokogawa were invited to a private demonstration of Barco UniSee during the 2018 launch in Singapore. They experienced how NoGap technology offers a truly bezel-less, uninterrupted view across multiple panels—a design evolution that’s a game-changer for the LCD video wall market— and quickly became enamored with the three pillars of Barco UniSee’s unique design: UniSee View, UniSee Mount, and UniSee Connect. Yokogawa were so impressed that they installed Barco UniSee in their own customer experience center.

Easy to install and maintain

Barco UniSee’s revolutionary mounting structure was a deciding factor for Yokogawa; it’s an innovative system that captures the power of gravity to perfectly and automatically align panels and keep them in place over time. This system makes installing bezel-less LCD video wall panels a breeze and keeps maintenance easy by allowing the swift undocking of separate panels without the risk of damages. It’s a feature that was paramount for Yokogawa; as a top-quality technology provider, only the best will do—any malfunctions in the experience centre will leave a bad experience to their customer on the solution showcased.

The brightness, uniformity and clarity offered by Barco UniSee is the best in the business thanks to Sense X—the automatic, continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration system that keeps images displaying flawlessly. The panels have been designed to easily handle all variations in brightness, from the center to the edges, ensuring crystal-clear images on every inch of the video wall.

Barco UniSee is the solution in which we display high-resolution images, media files and presentations for our customers,’ explains Jonathan Chua, Senior Marketing Manager, Yokogawa. ‘It’s amazing that this beautiful LCD video wall is so easy to install and use, it really goes above and beyond expectations.’

The installation of Barco UniSee at Yokogawa is a shining stamp of success for the product launch in Singapore. Customers can now see the Barco UniSee video wall in action—a sight that always captivates and inspires.

Barco UniSee delivers continuous, flawless images. We knew straight away this was the solution we were searching for.

Jonathan Chua

Senior Marketing Manager, Yokogawa In-Space Committee

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