LCD video walls: Innovation for every environment

Barco's narrow-bezel and bezel-less LCD displays are the perfect solution for tiled video wall applications. They are designed for use in control rooms, corporate lobbies, experience centers, brand showrooms, broadcast studios and large meeting rooms.

Our portfolio consists of 55" LCD displays with LED backlights, combining high brightness (suitable for use in ambient lighting) and a wide color gamut with an extremely narrow inter-tile gap. The result is an excellent tiled visual experience.

Minimizing the bezel

A very important specification for LCD video walls, is the bezel width. This needs to be as thin as possible. If not, the black bezels will create a black raster that hinders the visual experience. Contemporary LCD display wall tiles have an ultra narrow bezel that lowers this effect. With Barco UniSee, we have created the LCD without any bezel, featuring the narrowest gap in the industry. This is not only because of the absence of the bezel. The specially designed wall mounting mechanism (UniSee Mount) greatly helps to guarantee a minimal gap.

Advantages of LCD video walls

LCD display systems has a number of typical advantages over other display technologies, like rear-projection and direct LED video walls.

  • Good brightness: The light output of LCD video walls is generally high – especially compared to rear-projection cubes.  This allows the use in most lighting conditions - even in daylight.
  • Moderate cost: LCD is most often the cheapest video wall solution. Direct LED is generally the most expensive.
  • Low real estate needs: Rear-projection cubes are quite deep, and (unless front access is available) need a rear maintenance area. As such, they need a lot of real estate space. LCD video walls only take the place on the wall of the panel depth and the wall mounting. This is usually less than 20 cm / 7.9”.
Garland power usa barco unisee utilities transmission and distribution operations center

Barco UniSee met our needs budgetarily as well as space-wise, with an unprecedented ease of operation

Matt Carter

T&D Operations Manager, Garland Power

Automatic color and brightness calibration

Especially important for video walls, is a perfect calibration. This is not only restricted to a single panel. More critical, is that the color and brightness settings of the complete wall match. This means that the values of all panels need to be synchronized with the surrounding displays.

In most cases, this is a time-consuming task which requires downtime. That is why Barco has developed an automatic real-time calibration system. With just a touch of a button (or scheduled at a certain time), the complete video wall will recalibrate in seconds.

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