19 sep. 2017

Reducing risk in the operating room with galvanic isolation

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Video integration changes the way you share and view images in operating rooms. But what makes a good integration system? In this blog post, you’ll learn about the importance of galvanic isolation.

Noise reduction

Galvanic isolation (also called galvanic separation) means a system’s input and output power wires are isolated to eliminate the potential for ground loops. Ground loops can cause noise and interference in video integration and distribution systems. They usually go hand in hand with poor electrical bonding, which can expose a person to an electric shock hazard.

Voltage rejection

Think of endoscopy cameras, for example. They come in direct contact with both patients and care providers. It’s why electrical bonding is one of the major safety prerequisites in the operating room. Needless to say, in the OR, every potential risk hazard must be eliminated.

So when you choose a video integration system, make sure it’s one that ensures galvanic isolation. It means it will provide circuit protection, noise reduction, and high common-mode voltage rejection caused by ground loops. It’s how galvanic isolation offers a way to guarantee both patient safety and image accuracy.

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