Uncompressed AV-over-IP platform


Uncompressed AV-over-IP platform

  • Share video/audio in and outside the OR
  • With near-zero latency & no compression
  • Flexible to meet the needs of any procedure
  • 4K ready

Nexxis™ is Barco’s AV-over-IP platform for the integrated digital operating room.

It’s the best way to share uncompressed, high-resolution video (and audio) in and between operating rooms. 

This unique technology platform has been specifically designed for integration into the digital OR. 

Ask your integration partner about it and find out how it enhances operational efficiency, team collaboration and surgical precision.

The precision you need

High resolution, uncompressed medical images are presented with pixel-perfect precision and shared more efficiently. 

  • Raw, uncompressed images – eliminating artifacts 
  • Near-zero latency for perfect hand-eye coordination
  • 4K end-to-end

The flexibility you’ve always wanted 

Nexxis meets every requirement of any surgical procedure. Plug and play (new) devices, switch sources with ease, and display images where and when you need them for optimal viewing comfort and ergonomics. Without interruptions, as the entire platform can be maintained remotely.  

  • Simple to set up the OR (all you need is a single optical cable)
  • Easy plug and play of devices 
  • Central & remote control

Easy to share and collaborate 

Images can be streamed in, between, and outside operating rooms (e.g. auditoriums) in real time. This makes it easy to educate, consult and collaborate with your peers. Recording is also possible for documentation purposes and clinical research. 

  • Bi-directional inter-OR communication
  • Physician interaction beyond the OR
  • Streaming and recording 
  • Easy interactive education and training

Always up to date

Built on a non-proprietary IP technology platform, Nexxis is ready for any new technology (such as 4K) as soon as you are. Scalable and flexible, Nexxis allows you to adapt as you need to and expand as you grow.

  • Always up to date with the latest networking and visualization technologies
  • Easy to adopt new integration requirements in the OR
  • Easy to connect new ORs to the network architecture
  • Expansion results in lower TCO

Certified as a medical device (CE/FDA), Nexxis is fit for use in the interventional OR. Every part of the solution has been designed and approved for use in a surgical environment.

3D imaging with MDSC-8232 M3D

The MDSC-8232 M3D is a 31-inch, 2D and 3D 4K surgical monitor that can be seamlessly integrated into Nexxis architectures. With this display integrated into your Nexxis system, 3D sources become part of the full integration, including support for inter-OR sharing, remote management, streaming and recording. 3D source images are also automatically translated into 2D or 3D for maximum visibility.


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