Certification program for advanced diagnostics, service and maintenance for Barco Series 2 Smart Laser Digital Cinema projectors.

This course provides advanced diagnostics, service and maintenance certification for Barco Series 2 Cinema Smart laser projectors.  During the course’s hands-on sessions, errors and problems are inserted into the projector, and students are required to fix each problem.  With a small class size, each participant gains the requisite skills to successfully service Barco Series 2 Smart laser projectors.

Target Audience

Installation Engineers

  • Valid certification as a Barco Certified Specialist for Digital Cinema - Installation & Basic Maintenance
  • Students will be required to successfully perform an installation of a projector to Barco standards upon arrival
  • Important note: this course is geared to students with proven field Certified Specialist Installation experience. Each student must have performed at least 3 Barco Digital Cinema installations prior to attending the Advanced Diagnostics and Service course.


Take the on-line High Brightness Safety training: Cinema - Barco High Brightness Safety training


    Course overview:

    Day 1
    • Projector Specifications 
    • Key Components  - Overview & differences between SLP, CLP, BLP
    • Laser Light Source technology
    • Laser cooling
    • Projector HW modules overview & functionality
    Day 2
    • Installation
    • Alignment and calibration
    • Retrofit
    • Key Components – Troubleshooting and How To Replace?
    • Communicator and smart Laser & startup Sequence 
    • Projector Firmware upgrades
    Day 3
    • Block diagram & Schematics
    • Troubleshooting and Log File analysis
    • Maintenance 
    • Spares Parts
    Day 4
    • Testing and Certification
    Barco Level 2 Certified - Advanced Diagnostics and Service Smart Laser (note: this does not include retrofit) Valid for 2 years from date of issuance.
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    Duur: 4 days
    Prijs: €1800/$3000
    Gesproken taal: en

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