Certification course for theater managers and operators to Barco Digital Cinema projector operations
This certification training course teaches theater owners, managers and operators about digital cinema technology, including 2D and 3D, and prepares them to operate a Barco Series 2 digital cinema projector, utilize the touch screen Communicator, and perform basic troubleshooting and projector maintenance

Course outline

  1. Technology Overview
    1. About Barco
    2. TI (Texas Instruments) DLP technology
    3. DC Content Resolutions: Scope and Flat
    4. 3D technology overview and DCI security
  2. Digital Cinema Product Overview
    1. Series 1 and Series 2 Product lines
    2. Projector Subsystems (and associated modules)
  3. Basic Projector Operations
    1. Safety
    2. Start up, shut down
    3. Using the Keypad
    4. Removing the skins
    5. Lens installation / removal
    6. How to swap the lamp housing
    7. How to change a lamp
    8. Communicator
  4. Basic Maintenance
    1. Routine schedule
    2. Tools required
    3. How to clean the skins
    4. How to clean the filters
    5. How to clean the optics
    6. How to check fluid levels 
  5. Basic Operator-Permitted Troubleshooting
    1. Trouble indications and actions
    2. Status lights
    3. Error Codes
    4. Using the diagnostics companion
    5. Emergency and recovery procedures
    6. Using the Operator QSG
  6. Testing and Certification
Target Audience
  • Operators
  • Theater Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Chief Operators



Basic knowledge of projection and video equipment, computer signals and networking


At the conclusion of the class, and completion of successful testing, participants will be able to:

Perform safe startup and shutdown procedures

  • Operate all user controls on a Barco DC projector
  • Operate all user controls on the Communicator
  • Install and remove a lens
  • Perform basic operator permitted troubleshooting, with knowledge of all status light signals
  • Perform operator permitted basic routine maintenance procedures
  • Change a lamphouse (swap lamps)  
Barco Certified Operator (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)
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Duur: 1 day
Prijs: €200
Gesproken taal: en

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