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Avonic Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

The ease of integration of both brands makes it a great combination for integrators. Also for those who have to work with Avonic and ClickShare can rely on an easy to use system for quick and reliable high-quality video conferencing. Choose the right products that vary from small to large meeting rooms and take video conferencing to a different level.

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Zweryfikowane urządzenia peryferyjne

Urządzenie Peryferyjne
oprogramowanie układowe
Oprogramowanie układowe
ClickShare Conference
Typ Współdziałanie
AV-CM22-VCU 8.4.123 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM40-B/W CM40_ARM_V3.2.2_20220304.mrg/ AV_CM40_B_SY20X_V2.6.6_R_20220517_AF_V4.1.5_R_20220221.mrg 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM41-VCUC-B MCU Version V3.2.2 2022-3-4 / Camera Version V2.6.6 2022-5-17 / AF Version V4.0.9 2022-2-21 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM44-VCUC-B CM41-44_ARM_V3.2.2_20220304.mrg/ AV_CM44_VCUC_SY05X_V2.6.6_R_20220517_AF_V4.0.9_R_20220221.mrg 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM70-IP-B/W CM7x_ARM_V3.2.7_20221217.mrg/ AV_CM70_IP_W_TN20X_DF003N_V2.7.2_R_20221216_AF_V1.0.8_R_20221107.mrg 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM70-NDI-B/W MCU Version V3.2.8 2023-1-10 / Camera Version V1.1.1 2023-1-10 / AF Version V1.0.8 2022-11-7 / NDI V 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM71-IP-W CM70_series_ARM_V3.2.6_20220304.mrg/ AV_CM71_IP_W_SY12X_V2.7.1_R_20220517_AF_V1.1.0_R_20220221 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM73-IP-B/W CM70_series_ARM_V3.2.6_20220304.mrg/ AV_CM73_IP_B_TN30X_DF019N_V2.7.1_R_20220517_AF_V1.0.9_R_2022022 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible
AV-CM93-IP-B/W MCU V1.1.5 20230626 // CAM V1.1.4 20230610 // AF V1.0.2 20230221 02.16 Room Devices Camera Compatible

Company Profile

With over 15 years of experience in ProAV, Avonic is headquartered in The Netherlands and is a leading manufacturer of high-quality PTZ cameras and an innovative provider of systems for AV event capture and recording and crewless AV production.

All our audiovisual solutions are designed for a range of markets including broadcast, education, healthcare, worship, video conferencing, webcast studios, webinars and enterprise videos.

Our products are differentiated by their pristine image quality, outstanding reliability, ease of integration and affordability, and are backed by our responsive, in-depth service and support.

We are represented by a worldwide network that stretches across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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Avonic B.V.

Exportweg 11A
Delfgauw South-Holland

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