The details behind Barco's ecoscoring system

Ecoscoring explained

By introducing the product ecoscore, Barco finally offers an objective way to measure sustainability performance for all of its products. For each domain, a score is calculated assessing the product on several relevant topics. The assessment is performed against objective criteria that correlate with regulatory evolutions, industry and peer benchmarks, customer demands or voluntary ecolabels.

The score of each domain reflects the potential of the product of having a low impact in that specific domain. The total product ecoscore is abstracted into one final product score from the 4 domain scores.

On annual basis the objective criteria are updated to align with the latest state of the art. This way of working ensures continuous improvement and ensures that newly introduced products that are awarded the Barco Green Product label represent best in class sustainable products.

At this point of time new products are assessed according to version 6.1 of the ecoscore tool.

Scope of the methodology


The following aspects are validated:

Energy performance

Power supply efficiency, power consumption per delivered capability, power management.

Use of chemicals and materials

Supply chain transparency (full material declarations, critical raw material); halogen free PCB, cables and plastic parts. The use of recycled plastics or recycled metals and product weight optimization.

Packaging & logistics

Volumetric weight optimization, bulk shipment of incoming goods, optimization for platinization and sea freight. Selection of materials that have low sourcing, processing impact and are likely to be upcycled. Usage of recycled carboard and reduction of the number of accessories in the packing box.


Focus on the inner circles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation butterfly model. By focusing on: lifetime extension, connectivity and repair, spare part availability and ease of repair. Additionally, we strongly focus on modularity and upgradability.

Barco’s Ecoscoring system is fully integrated in the product design process. At the start of the design phase, sustainable considerations need to be made to reach a high ecoscore. Throughout the complete development process, R&D is challenged to incorporate ecodesign in its decision-making and to continuously improve sustainability of Barco products.

Scope of Barco ecoscoring system: all Barco-branded finished electronic products, either designed inhouse or outsourced to OEM suppliers. The following items are out of scope: modules, semi-finished products or products that are part of a larger system, non-Barco branded products and non-electronic products. Non-Barco branded electronic products can be scored on a voluntary basis to validate their sustainability performance.

Barco Green Product label

The ‘Barco Green Product label’ is reserved for products that excel on at least two domains in the ecoscoring methodology, provided that the performance of the other two domains are at least as good as industry benchmark.

If a product complies with current eco design regulations for one single domain the product must excel on the 3 other domains to obtain the Barco Green Product label. In any case Green Barco Products are best in class regarding energy efficiency.

The score represents the product performance at product launch or after a major product change.

ISO 14021 framework

The Barco ecoscoring methodology is audited by Vinçotte nv, who is experienced with performing ecolabel audits. The framework that has been used to validate the ecoscoring methodology is defined in the ISO 14021 standard. The latest limited assurance letter can be consulted here.

Value for our customers

Products that are assigned the highest ecoscore, also bring value for our customers on several aspects. These products typically have a lower TCO because they are best-in-class when it comes to energy efficiency and longevity. Furthermore, they are designed to ensure modularity, upgradability and connectivity and re-use and recyclability. In addition, Barco ecolabel products are likely to meet the European taxonomy criteria.



Here are some of our products that succeeded in obtaining the Barco Eco Product label.

Do you have any additional questions on our ecoscoring methodology or our environmental compliance in general? Then don't hesitate to reach out to us!