Creating a landmark with Barco projectors on cooling tower

Beijing, CN - 2018

The Xiahuayuan District in the city Zhangjiakou has an extensive history. It was once a Royal Garden, was home to a coal-fired power plant for many years and has also been converted into a heat-generating unit. Today, there are plans to draw tourists to the area by establishing it as a landmark. And the Local Real estate Company- Ansheng Group decided to do this with a 3D mapping show broadcast on three cooling towers. They asked Barco to help make the project come to life.

Barco Solution

  • UDX-W32

Why Barco? 

  • Constant brightness and the widest color spectrum
  • Breathtakingly sharp and focused images
  • Professionalism, service and speedy response of the Barco team

The UDX-W32: Exactly what was needed

The Ansheng Group contacted Barco based on their reputation for quality, stability and reliability. Furthermore, Barco had recently been involved in a number of other projection mapping projects in China. But would they be able to deliver bright, sharp and colorful 3D mapping?

The answer came in the form of the Barco UDX-W32. This projector has an incredible 32,000-lumen output with WUXGA resolution and Constant Light Output technology that ensures constant brightness over time. It also has the widest color spectrum in the entire industry, even outperforming the Rec. 709 color space. The Zhangjiakou Government has no doubts. The installation Barco proposed, with eight UDX-W32 projectors, was exactly what they needed to attract tourists from far and wide.

The focus of the show

The Barco installation promised breathtakingly sharp and focused images. This is why the Ansheng Group   decided to use the Barco UDX-W32 installation for the central focus of the show: the projections that were to be broadcast on the central cooling tower. “It was the perfect choice,” Li Na Zhang, Barco Sales Executive, explained after the show. “The full color image was blended seamlessly across the tall tower. Onlookers were amazed by the show. The Barco projectors didn’t just make it possible for people to see a shark break through the wall of the tower. They made it look real. They made them believe.”

The projections included a dragon that burst out of the tower, an enormous whale in an undersea environment and tower bricks that realigned themselves at will. The outside of the tower even stretched like fabric before crumbling into dust. It all looked authentic, but once the presentation finished, the tower was still standing there, as sturdy as ever, without a single dragon in sight.


The customer was clearly impressed. They spoke highly of the professionalism, service and speedy response of the Barco team, as well as the effect and quality of the installation itself. For Barco and the UDX-W32, it was all in a day’s work.

Onlookers were amazed by the show. The Barco projectors made it look real, they made them believe.

Li Na Zhang

Barco Sales Executive

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