Barco solutions optimize Petronas Digital Collaboration Center

Kuala Lumpur, MY - 2018

Barco solution

  • OSV560C
  • OSV340C
  • OSV 5x2 with OLS engine (Blended OLS) + TFC-XDS integration
  • Galaxy NW-12 stereoscopic projector
  • Galaxy NW-7 stereoscopic projector
  • RLM-W8
  • OLF-7 2x2 LED front video wall
  • ClickShare

Why Barco?

  • Solutions tailored to the specific demands 
  • Excellent image quality and presentation 

A Fortune Global 500 company, Petronas is the custodian of Malaysia’s national oil and gas resources. The company explores, produces and delivers energy to meet society’s growing needs. The Petronas Digital Collaboration Center(PDCC), housed in the ultra-advanced Twin Towers building in Kuala Lumpur and is used for meetings, training and a variety of other purposes, needed to display the state-of-the-art image of the company to visitors and employees alike. Barco provided the solution: a range of different installations, each targeted to the specific demands of a specific room.

The right reception

As a marvel of post-modern architecture and an iconic presence on the Kuala Lumpur skyline, the Petronas Digital Collaboration Center needed to reflect the company’s innovative vision. “But in the reception room,” explains Amar Roslani, Data Facility Manager, “we just had a plasma TV.”

Petronas contacted Barco about possible upgrades and received an insightful proposal featuring a variety of solutions.“As soon as we heard about the Seamless Video Wall, we knew it was what we were looking for,” says Amar about the OSV560C. “At reception, it shows people what the PDCC – and Petronas – is all about.”

Tailored solutions

Barco tailored their solutions to the specifics of every room.

“Barco offered different solutions to meet the unique need of different rooms,” explainsAmar . “The OSV340C was chosen for our war room because it met our every need, including 24/7 availability. The Galaxy NW-12 projector in our meeting room in perfect for collaborations and simulations. The 12000-lumen brightness allows stereoscopic viewing; put on the active 3D glasses and you can look at the model and literally delve into it.”

Barco actually suggested using the same projector for the training room, but had it installed behind the floor-to-ceiling screen.“This allows the trainer to stand in front of the screen without casting shadows,” says Roslani. “It’s a very clever, insightful solution, perfect for the situation.”

Clever collaboration solutions

However, Petronas was very particular about what they wanted for use in the auditorium.

“We use the auditorium to show large groups of stakeholders what we are doing. We wanted to do this in 3D, with style, for maximum impact,’ says Amar. “When they heard this, Barco suggested what they call an OSV, powered by a Blended OLS ... It’s the only one in the world, custom-built for this room. The innovative technology highlights exactly what Petronas stands for as a company.”

Where are the wires?


Many visitors are initially taken aback by the lack wires to connect to their laptops, tablet or even cell phones to the projectors and screens. “Everything runs with ClickShare,” says Amar, referring to Barco’s plug-in devices for wireless sharing of files and presentations. “We just hand them a ClickShare device. They’re so straightforward, we barely have to explain how to use them.”

Although the wide variety of screens and solutions demonstrates how well Barco tailors to the client demands, Amar sums the situation up best: “Barco has brought us a long way from having a plasma TV hanging in reception.” 

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As soon as we heard about the OSV560C Cube Seamless Video Wall, we knew it was part of the solution we were looking for.

Amar Roslani

Lead Technologist at the Petronas Digital Collaboration Center

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