OverView OSV-560C

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About OverView OSV-560C

The OverView OSV-560C is a high-performing video wall, ideal to visualize and evaluate huge amounts of information in 24/7 environments. Featuring a large, curved, panoramic seamless canvas, a mix of data and video can be displayed simultaneously in high quality without the interruption of a seam or a bezel. 

Furthermore, by benefiting from proven rear-projection technology, state-of-the-art controllers and advanced signal processing, the OSV offers a feature-rich solution with high image quality and excellent reliability. Compact in setup, this video wall suits a multitude of possible applications from crisis operations and war rooms, to brainstorm and planning rooms, and of more traditional control room applications in utilities, energy and process control.

All the advantages of LED technology

Images are displayed on the OSV using Barco's LED-lit rear-projection technology, which has a long track record in the control rooms market. This means these seamless video walls benefit from the many advantages of LED technology, including: very low maintenance, substantially reduced power consumption, and long lifetime. The use of DLP projection technology makes the solution fit for 24/7 use, preventing the image retention (e.g. a burned-in company logo) often seen in less qualitative solutions. The OSV-560C consists of five blended rear-projection cubes, forming one seamless image.


A real seamless canvas

No matter how thin, seams and bezels are always a nuisance. Especially when displaying numbers or other critical content, any interruption is too much. OSV’s Seamless canvas makes sure a wealth of different sources can be positioned anywhere on the screen, in the most efficient way.

Saving real estate space

Compared with conventional rear-projection systems, the OSV video walls have a limited depth of less than 1.2 meters/47 inches. In this way, the available real estate space is used to its maximum.

High brightness

The OSV HB series is equipped with laser-phosphor projection technology, strongly boosting its brightness levels. This allows the system to be used in environments with challenging lighting conditions.

Free from image retention

The OSV uses DLP technology, which is not sensitive to image retention. This means you can show static images without risking burn-in effects.

Enhanced immersive user participation

The use of a curved screen creates an immersive effect that makes everyone in the room feel more involved, which improves the collaboration.

More pixels

Compared with the OSV LL series, the OSV HB series has a 30% higher resolution. This means that even more information can be displayed on the seamless canvas.

Real-life collaboration

The large screen area, gives all participants in a telepresence meeting a front row seat. Using 3, 5 or 7 rear-projection modules, the horizontal size of the OSV system varies from 3.5 to 6.5 meters (120 to 240 inches).

OverView OSV-560C

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