Mastering the art of LED with our new XT series

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Throughout history mankind has relied on different visual techniques to represent the world as they see it. From the ancient Byzantine mosaics to the impressionist brush strokes and the more recent pop-art movement – we are constantly looking for new ways to visualize our stories. With the new XT LED series Barco is defining the next chapter in the history of visualization.

The new XT series offers spectacular visual performance, unrivaled reliability and great operating flexibility, and is suited for many indoor applications – including business and visitor centers, boardrooms, television studios, design centers and control rooms.

A reliable high-quality solution

The 27” tiles with a pixel-pitch ranging from 0.9mm to 1.9mm deliver superior seamless results, and with each tile having a 16:9 aspect ratio, it is child’s play to create native Full HD or UHD screens. This allows displaying video in the most common formats in full, without compression or unused canvas.

Make sure you get the best results with perfect image quality in both maximum and dimmed mode thanks to the dimming technology from our exceptional InfinipixTM image processing platform. The power and data redundancy further enhances the reliability of your LED installation ensuring maximum uptime. 

Easily align every single tile with our camera-supported seam correction technology. It’s how you create a stunning single canvas. The robust front-access design facilitates an easy installation and maintenance of your LED display. Replacing a LED tile can be done in less than two minutes!

Created for all applications

Over the years, the LED scope has widened from very specific advertising use cases to nearly all display verticals. Taking into account this booming interest in LED display visualization, Barco’s versatile XT series is specifically designed to provide a state-of-the-art solution to a broad audience in a wider range of indoor LED applications. Whenever image quality, reliability and ease-of-installation are key requirements, XT is the way to go.

Thanks to InfinipixTM, television studios can rely on ultimate flexibility to recalibrate colors for specific camera requirements and guaranteed smooth video synchronization supporting their livestream.  Automotive manufacturers can present 3D car designs with spectacular color accuracy and perfect contrast levels even in bright environments. And in mission-critical control rooms, where 24/7 reliability is of utmost importance, Barco’s LED platform is a safe and future-proof choice.

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