Mastering the art of LED

The content on your video walls should always look picture perfect. For those moments that matter. A client dropping by unexpectedly. Your viewers tuning into their favorite tv-show. Or your team that’s trained to spot even the smallest details. With the Barco LED XT series, you’ll easily master the art of LED.

Series highlights

Bring out the best

The performance of your LED wall is only as good as its underlying processing platform. The best-looking wall is one running on Infinipix – which guarantees you a flawless, uninterrupted image.

Enjoy full flexibility

Let your imagination run wild. With the LED XT series, it’s child’s play to create and display new content whenever you feel like it – you’ll match any standard resolution. The set-up? It’s all possible: small or big. Flat or curved. It’s really up to you.

Easy maintenance

Installation of the LED XT series is a breeze with the fast and intuitive InfinipixTM user interface, which can be implemented in your existing monitoring and control solutions. Need to replace a module? It’ll be done in under 2 minutes thanks to the magnetic Assisted Module Extraction. 

A seamless canvas

“LED tiles? But what about seams?” We anticipated that question. Our answer: camera-supported seam correction technology combined with mechanical adjustment. This way, you’ll easily align each tile for a stunning, seamless canvas.

The XT family: find the right fit

XT series

Our core range (800 nits), premium quality for a broad range of audiences and a wider range of indoor LED applications.

XT-E series

Our entry-level range (600 nits) for those who want a quality product (but don’t need all the extra’s).

XT-HB series

Our high brightness range (up to 1500 nits), especially developed for large, bright spaces like lobbies and experience centers.

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