Barco reaches Planet sustainability goals for 2020


Sustainable business has grown to be a focus value for Barco. In 2016, we set a number of very ambitious 5-year sustainability goals to be established by 2020 (compared to the year 2015). And we are proud to say that we have achieved all of our Planet goals. Many teams contributed to deliver on these promises, and we feel well-positioned towards our next-level targets.

The goals that were set:

  • reducing the carbon footprint of our operations by 20%
  • reducing the energy footprint of our products by 25%,
  • ensuring that at least 25% of new product releases received the Barco ECO label.

The first of these goals was already reached in fiscal year 2019. In 2020, we also met with the other targets.

Delivering on all fronts

The full implementation of ecodesign in our New Product Introduction process, coupled with the high engagement of R&D and product management teams, resulted in an impressive 48% of new products receiving the Barco ECO label upon launch.

Furthermore, propelled by the good uptake of our energy-efficient laser projectors and laser-lit video wall products, we achieved a drop in our products’ energy footprint of 27% (compared to base year 2015). This too exceeds the target of 25%.

An exquisite team effort

“I am really proud to see that sustainability is not a hollow concept in Barco, and I’m impressed with the great result of ecodesign thinking”, says An Saveyn, Sustainability Manager at Barco. “It has become an active statement in the organization and an important argument in every design decision. The enthusiasm of everybody involved in the new product introduction process is remarkable, and I want to congratulate the whole R&D & product management team for this exquisite result.”