Why we trust in TruePix – and you should too

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You should know by now: we have a new LED video wall solution – and it is absolutely revolutionary! But we are fully aware that we are not the first manufacturer making this claim about its new product. That is why we will highlight the most revolutionary aspects of our new platform over the coming weeks. In this first episode, we focus on the market drivers that brought us to develop a completely new LED video wall.

You can look at product development in 2 ways. You can either take an existing product and improve certain parts of it. This is the common way of development, introducing higher brightness, bigger resolutions, or an improved color spectrum. This is a safe and fast way, but has one big drawback: you never tackle the product’s embedded limitations. The second solution is the more drastic approach: take a step back and rebuild the product from the ground up. Although this sounds slow and risky (2 words few C-level managers like to hear), it is the only way to achieve real progress. It is this approach we took when designing TruePix.

The quest for customer value

The driving factor for the LED video wall redesign was simple: “create more value for the users (which are not only the people watching the wall, but also those installing them)”. This highly contrasts with the conventional technology-driven design approach. In order to fully answer the needs of the customers, the first design step was talking to people and get to know their wish list.

What we found was that the requirements varied significantly depending on who you talk to, and in which market you need an LED wall.

  • Partners/Installers: Faster installation with ensured precision, easier access to critical components to allow maintenance, and the possibility to centrally monitor a fleet of LED walls
  • Control rooms: Support 24/7 decision-making control rooms workflows, provide large video wall seamless viewing experience, optimal viewing ergonomics for long use, and a full solution completed by strong software & service
  • Workplace: Bring the “wow” factor to your corporate environment, create impact and boost your brand power, and truly win the hearts of your visitors and employees
  • Broadcast: Always ready to let the show begin! Digital backdrops with perfect content representation that stands out and that you can rely on
  • Virtual Reality: Ensure color consistency with flawless image processing and 3D support, assisting you for a successful pitch to your client
How to win the game

Taking this input from the market to our engineering teams in Europe and the US, we could clearly pinpoint 4 areas where we could bring additional value to LED video walls. We identified ease and precisions of installation, superior processing, ultimate reliability, and optimal servicing. These are the 4 pillars on which we built the new platform.

So we invite the users to make the smart move with TruePix. This brought us to a metaphorical comparison to a game of chess – so we assigned a different piece to every pillar (yes, that’s what marketing does). And when you see the unique mechanical concept, you will clearly understand where ‘the smart move’ comes from.

Put together, it looks like this:

Flexible as a Knight

Smart engineering

The unique mechanical concept, combined with Barco's camera-based alignment tool ensure a truly seamless installation and a flat display without mechanical stress or warping.

Powerful as a Queen

Intelligent processing

This innovative image processor ensures flawless, smooth and seamless results for any content, true dynamic range in any brightness mode, and optimal viewing comfort with reduced eye fatigue.

Solid as a Rook

Optimized performance

Enjoy an uninterrupted performance without downtime with 4-way inter-tile failover system, data protection through use of a proprietary protocol, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Watchful as a Bishop

Service & connectivity

Get full peace of mind with a premium service offering, guaranteed batch compatible LED modules for up to 10 years, and cloud connectivity and video wall diagnostical compatibility.


It is this framework which we will use over the coming weeks to highlight the innovations our engineers put into the TruePix platform. We can assure you: they will be worth the read!

In the meantime, you can discover TruePix on the dedicated landing page.

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