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VR can do more than entertain us

Imagine yourself jumping off a skyscraper, fighting off a zombie apocalypse, or strolling around inside Barcelona's gorgeous Sagrada Familia... All these experiences are possible today in the virtual world. But VR can do more than entertain us! Sales and marketing professionals use VR to create a convincing virtual showroom experience. Construction professionals use it to preview and assess designs. And technicians or scientific experts use it as immersive training tool. 

VR technology has gained momentum in a business context, and Barco has a solution for all your professional group 3D visualization needs. 

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Group VR to boost collaboration

Barco’s portfolio consists of different group VR solutions. These allow multiple people to access the virtual environment simultaneously to discuss ideas and take decisions. In this way, collaboration is fostered and processes can evolve faster – in contrast to Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) which isolate the viewer.

Read more about Group VR and the advantages of a shared immersive experience here.

Benefits of Barco's virtual reality solutions

  • Social, shared experience
  • Optimize design experiences
  • Speed-up approval process
  • Enhance collaboration and communication
  • Reduce costs and on-site risks
  • More cost-effective training and prevention
  • Test behavior
  • Better present and sell projects
  • Gain a competitive edge

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The history of VR

Although you would think that VR is a recent development, the technology has a rich history... In this e-book you'll read more about VR throughout the ages and Barco's pioneering role in the development of 3D visualization solutions.
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