3D visualization

Visualizing your designs, enabling validation in an early stage

Virtual prototyping of complete or partial designs (ranging from cars to buildings), helps you to gain time and money. You see the results right away and can adjust the design in an early phase – based on insights from the engineers, from management, or the end customers.

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Group VR to boost collaboration

Potsdam University girl with VR glasses

Barco’s portfolio consists of different group VR solutions. These allow multiple people to access the virtual environment simultaneously to discuss ideas and take decisions. In this way, collaboration is fostered and processes can evolve faster – in contrast to Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) which isolate the viewer.


At home in any market

Car designer evaluating adjustments in virtual reality cave

Whatever your professional group 3D visualization needs, Barco has an answer. From the traditional one-sized approach of a PowerWall, over the flexibility of a Canvas to the total immersive experience of a Cave.

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