FLDX 0.9 : 1.3 (EN76) lens

Short throw zoom lens for F40/F70/F90

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F70-4K4, F70-4K6, F70-4K8, F70-W6, F70-W8, F90-4K13, F90-W13, FL40-4K, FL40-WU, FS40-4K, FS40-WU, FS70-4K4, FS70-4K6, FS70-W6

Über FLDX 0.9 : 1.3 (EN76) lens

The EN76 is designed specifically to maximize brightness, eliminate dust contamination, and to withstand motion and vibration through an improved barrel design. The lens itself consists of 20 glass elements with different coatings for the most demanding high-resolution performance, as well as being optimized for night vision and IR transmission. Additionally, to seal off unwanted air flow through the projector's front, through the grooves along the lens, a dust sealing has been designed.

For an even better motion performance you can lock the internal lens barrels into position, using the cam follower pins/plastic bushings and screws supplied with the lens.

Can also be used on the Barco F80-series with adapter and related software.

FLDX 0.9 : 1.3 (EN76) lens

Short Throw Zoom Lens (EN76)
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