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Salamander Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Salamander's furniture acts as the technological backbone, enabling the integration and operation of the TV and video conferencing equipment.

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Customizable Cabinets & Credenzas

Premium quality, and highly customizable systems house all electronics, including integrated support for AV and IT systems. Perfect for retrofit installations, allowing for quick and efficient installation without involving additional tradespeople to install electrical wiring or reinforce walls.

Motorized Mobile Carts

Salamander’s FPS family of interactive display stands are crafted to be flexible and extremely durable. These advanced solutions will provide accessible, comfortable and ergonomically correct touchscreen positioning that enhances the user experience and improves productivity.

Meeting Tables

Salamander Meeting Tables provide the latest in table solutions to accommodate today’s modern offices and impromptu meetings. All designs are easy to specify for rapid deployment and offer innovative solutions to support and manage today’s technology. Ultra simple to install in just minutes, the Tables are built to last and a future-proof design allows technology updates easily.

Company Profile

Salamander Designs offers innovative AV furniture solutions, encompassing design, manufacturing, and exceptional customer service. These solutions streamline the process of outfitting various spaces such as conference rooms, huddle rooms, flex spaces and more, saving both time and money. Salamander furniture optimizes display and camera positioning, enhances sound systems, and efficiently houses all components, maximizing technology usage and engagement. With Salamander Designs' Technology Furniture, spaces can be transformed within days without the need for construction, significantly reducing both time and costs. This eliminates the need for complex engineering work and remediation.

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Salamander Designs

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