This e-learning training course provides an introduction to digital pathology.

Both digital pathology, as well as pathology as it is today, will be addressed.

Target Audience

Sales professionals, Sales experts, design engineers, installation and service engineers, maintenance engineers, architects, R&D engineers etc.




    The goal of this e-learning is to explain in a simple manner, the different processes for reviewing a pathology slide and the vocabulary used in this discipline, from the biopsy to the visualization.

    After successful completion of the knowledge check test included in the e-learning, the participant receives a course completion acknowledgement, which will be a pre-requisite for attending the more in - depth Digital Pathology Certification training course.
    Weitere Informationen
    Schulungsformat: E-Learning
    Dauer: 30 minutes
    Preis: FOC
    Gesprochene Sprache: en

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