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Qomo Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

The Qomo suite of BundleBoard G Interactive Display and Webcam 004 is the perfect go-to solution to pair with your Barco ClickShare system for interactive meetings. Easily connect your computer to the display with a click of a button and present to your audience with the QOMO webcam. Utilize the touch feature of the BundleBoard G Interactive Display to share content effectively or use as a digital whiteboard.

In the spotlight

QOMO’s BundleBoard G is a collaboration panel that encourages communication and productivity. The BundleBoard G interactive panel, allows presenters to set their main focus of the day on a personalized home screen. A variety of helpful tools and Android apps make for fun and engaging presentations.

The high definition QOMO WebCam 004 is essential for upgrading your work from home experience. Clearly record and stream meetings, teaching, and hangouts. Built with professional quality components, it has a sharp 1080p camera and built-in dual mic. The QWC-004 is easy to clip on, adjust, and move around.

Company Profile

QOMO is a leading US brand and global manufacturer of educational and collaboration technology. We’re the partner with a full product offering for collaborative classrooms and conference rooms. After doing this for nearly 20 years, we understand how to work with everyone from CEOs and CTOs to district administrators and classroom teachers.

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46950 Magellan Drive
Wixom Michigan
United States

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