ClickShare´s spring software release eases IT managers´ lives and improves the meeting participant experience

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Fresh enhancements are blooming with the ClickShare spring software release! We are easing IT managers' lives and improving the experience of meeting participants. 

This release brings key updates designed to vastly improve the admin experience, making the registration of your devices simpler, faster and more efficient. What´s more, it brings ClickShare Bar updates to ensure optimal audio and visual meeting clarity and numerous App enhancements. 


  • Offline registration of ClickShare units and streamlined admin adding process 
  • ClickShare Bar updates: easy video settings adjustment and secure camera configuration
  • Improved App experience: smart meeting flows enhancements, long-press take over and customizable on-screen ID size 

1. Making IT admins´ life easier

In winter, we simplified the registration process of your ClickShare devices by introducing the QR-code based registration. This spring, we are taking the next step forward. 

Faster registration via XMS Cloud

Offline registration

You can now register your ClickShare unit on the XMS Cloud management platform without needing to turn the unit on. So you can easily start (pre)configuring a new unit without physically installing it first.  

This means you can get everything ready in advance, and as soon as the unit is online, it'll automatically sync with the platform configurations you’ve set. This streamlines the setup process, saving you time and effort. 

Invite admin user via email 

With the ability to invite one or more admin users via email, you can quickly build your admin team in a single step. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication and reduces administrative overhead, making the process smooth and hassle-free. 

Assigning template, location and meeting room name 

When onboarding a new ClickShare unit on XMS Cloud, you now have the option to assign a template, location, and meeting room name right from the get-go.  

This feature allows you to tailor the setup to your specific needs in one simple flow, significantly reducing the time and effort typically associated with configuring new units. 

ClickShare Video Bar improvements 

Video settings

You now have the ability to change the video settings of the ClickShare Video Bar such as brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. from XMS Cloud. This will improve the visual experience by adjusting settings to fit the room conditions (too much or too little light for instance) resulting in more life-like, clearer and balanced views.  

Additionally, if you need to revert to the standard configuration, the platform now includes an option to reset the ClickShare Video Bar to its default settings.  

XMS Virtual Edge management 

With the spring release, you can easily and remotely manage and monitor your ClickShare Bar devices also via XMS Virtual Edge. 

Camera preview in web configurator 
Finetune camera settings 

Administrators can now fine-tune camera settings in a fully secure and private way through a camera preview option in the web configurator. This preview ensures that adjustments are precise and effective, enhancing the overall video quality. 

How does it work? 

  • The preview can only be activated when the room is not in use, ensuring the privacy and security of in-room participants.  
  • It needs to be manually enabled by the admin upon visiting the page, with a 10-second wait time implemented to warn any in-room users before the preview is turned on.  
  • It´s automatically disabled after 30 seconds of inactivity to further safeguard privacy. 
In-room display and Video Bar LED notifications 

With this spring software release, you can benefit from proactive user warnings. Before an admin can view the camera preview, potential in-room users are alerted via an on-screen message and an LED color change on the ClickShare Video Bar for 10 seconds.  

This ensures transparency and privacy, giving in-room users a heads-up before any camera preview is initiated. If the display is off, the Bar will automatically turn on the display to show the warning. 

Clear communication during configuration 

When an admin is adjusting the device settings, a message is displayed on the in-room screen, and the room is temporarily unavailable for end-user activities. This prevents any interruptions and ensures that the configuration process is smooth and error-free. 

2. Enhanced meeting participant experience

Smart meeting flow improvements 

Additional, more intuitive Button colors (gen4) for ConferenceView  

The spring release bring a pop of color to the ClickShare Buttons! Previously, the ClickShare Button turned red no matter the type of content you shared in a hybrid meeting.  

Now, we have added more options for a more intuitive experience and better differentiation between sharing options, so it´s perfectly clear to the users what it is they are sharing. 

The Button will color differently depending on what it is you´re sharing: 

  • Red for standard content sharing, just like you´re used to 
  • Purple if you are using Conference View and sharing the window with remote participants 
  • Purple and red gradient if you are using Conference View  and sharing both people and content  
HostFlow for Zoom  

HostFlow provides quick and intuitive guidance in hybrid meetings so you start  your meeting  in no time. With the spring software release, HostFlow is not only available on Microsoft Teams, but we are expanding it to Zoom.

Long-press takeover feature 

This feature, already existent on the ClickShare Button, allows you to long-press for 2 seconds on a thumbnail within the sharing window, a functionality that mimics the action of long-pressing the button used to share content on a screen from your laptop.  

This update empowers any meeting participant to fully take over the display from the current presenter at any moment, using only the Desktop App, no extra ClickShare Button required.

This eases content sharing especially for those relying solely on the ClickShare Desktop App, ensuring that meeting participants have all the necessary tools at their fingertips without the prerequisite of a ClickShare Button.

ClickShare Video Bar enhancements 

App controls 

You now have the ability to adjust the audio and video settings of your ClickShare Video Bar directly from your laptop. This means you can: 

  • Adjust speaker volume: Easily control the volume to ensure that every participant, whether in the room or joining remotely, can hear the meeting clearly. 
  • Mute/unmute the microphone: With a simple tap, you can mute or unmute the microphone, allowing for smooth transitions between speakers and ensuring that your meetings are free from unwanted background noise. 
  • Change framing mode on the camera: Optimize how participants are viewed by remote participants during the meeting by adjusting the camera's framing mode, ensuring that everyone is visible and engaged.

Any changes made by an end-user during a meeting will automatically revert to default or pre-defined values set by the administrator at the end of each session. 

LED color states 

This update is designed to make the status of your peripheral devices instantly recognizable to everyone in the room, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive meeting experience.   

Here’s a breakdown of what each color means: 

  • White: peripherals not in use  
  • Red: microphone muted  
  • Purple: peripheral(s) in use  
  • Spinning red and purple for 3 seconds: sharing has started  
  • Flashing green: the Button updating  

Automatic microphone sensitivity adjustments 

ClickShare now supports automatic microphone sensitivity adjustments. This feature intelligently adjusts the microphone's sensitivity in real-time, ensuring that your voice is transmitted at the optimal volume to other meeting participants, and it is available for all ClickShare Conference devices and the following peripherals: 

  • Logitech: MeetUp/Rally  
  • Poly: Sync 40 / Sync 60  
  • AVer: Fone540 / MT300N / VB342 Pro  
  • Jabra: Panacast 50 / Speak 750 / Speak 800 

This means no more fiddling with settings or worrying about your voice being too loud or too low; the system will manage the audio levels for you. 

More space for your messaging 

Benefit from enhanced customization and flexibility for your on-screen experience: the option to choose between standard and small on-screen ID for your messaging. 

This update is designed to empower you with more control over how information is displayed on your product unit, ensuring that your messaging aligns perfectly with your aesthetic and communication needs. 

If you have custom wallpapers on the display of your meeting rooms, you now the opportunity to choose between the two options to ensure you maximize the visibility of your messaging.