Collaborating for excellence in digital pathology: Barco joins the Proscia Ready partner alliance


We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Proscia, a leading provider of digital and computational pathology solutions. We have officially joined the brand-new Proscia Ready partner alliance, a community of established partners dedicated to advancing digital pathology with confidence.

What is the Proscia Ready alliance?

The Proscia Ready alliance brings together a network of trusted partners, all dedicated to simplifying the adoption of digital pathology. Our collective mission is to inform and empower laboratories, ensuring they can focus on accurate diagnoses and patient care. By joining forces, we’re streamlining strategy and implementation, making the transition to a digital workflow smoother.

Pioneering display technology in the alliance

As the exclusive display vendor within the Proscia Ready alliance, we stand at the forefront of innovation. Our cutting-edge MDPC-8127 display redefines the position of monitors in pathology through:

  • Visual richness: rely on sharp and consistent images
  • Color confidence: work with a color range that is adjusted to whole slide images
  • Effortless panning and zooming: analyze slides with minimal blurring

Our commitment

At Barco, we’re excited to contribute our expertise to Proscia Ready. Image quality matters, and we’re dedicated to preparing laboratories for the future. With Proscia, we’re shaping the digital pathology landscape, one pixel at a time. Read more about the Proscia Ready alliance.