Helping Civil Defence gain a clear overview of safety in Dubai

Dubai, AE - 2017

Founded in 1976, Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) is on a constant quest to ensure that Dubai is the safest, smartest and happiest city in the world. To achieve that aim, the emergency response organization resolutely embraces innovation. At present, the Civil Defence organisation consists of 54 stations, 2000 employees and 53,000 connected buildings. In May 2017, it opened a high-tech control room at its headquarters, which is linked to real-time fire and safety information at airports, ports and commercial buildings. Barco LED screens, our TransForm video wall controllers, CMS control room management software and ClickShare, all set up by our Middle East partner InterTech Vision, help the operators perform their vital tasks in the best possible conditions.

Barco solution 

  • X1.9 LED tiles
  • TransForm N controller
  • CMS software
  • ClickShare

Why Barco? 

  • Image quality
  • Local services
  • Ease of use

Global, yet local
When selecting a visualization solution for its control room, Dubai Civil Defence was happy to discover that local systems integration expert InterTech Vision worked together with Barco, a global market leader renowned for innovation and quality. In this way, it could combine the best of both worlds: industry-leading technology and excellent local services. “They wanted a top-notch LED video wall. We suggested Barco’s high-resolution X1.9 LED tiles,” says Peter Maung, Director of InterTech Vision.

Image quality, reliability and easy setup

Our X1.9 LED tile creates uniform, high-quality images with high brightness, an extremely small pixel pitch and accurate color depth. Because of its unmatched Infinipix™ video processing platform, mechanical design and front access capability, this LED tile excels in reliability, quality and easy maintenance. Furthermore, its fast setup time, minimal wiring, reduced tweaking and easy serviceability make the X1.9 the ideal solution for LED applications. “It was just what Dubai Civil Defence needed,” Peter Maung continues.

288 X1.9 tiles

Peter and his team set up an impressive X1.9 video wall composed of no fewer than 288 tiles that cover an area of 52 square meters with 13.2 million pixels. In addition, they installed our TransFormN/CMS visual collaboration solution to manage and optimize the constant flux of live feeds and data from buildings across Dubai, the city’s airports and from ships out at sea. As the operators can now keep a close eye on the current situation, they can make the right decisions faster. Our ClickShare collaboration solution helps them to work as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to achieve their mission: to make Dubai the safest place in the world!
This LED tile excels in reliability, quality, and easy maintenance. It is just what Dubai Civil Defence needed.

Peter Maung

Director of InterTech Vision

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