Coronis Fusion 4MP (MDCC-4430)

4MP multimodality diagnostic display system

  • Color fusion display for flexible multimodality imaging
  • With toolset to boost productivity
  • Automated QA and calibration

Coronis Fusion 4MP (MDCC-4430)について

A brighter diagnosis

Coronis Fusion, Barco's renowned multi-modality display for radiologists, now comes in a new, energy-efficient and lightweight design. Bright on so many levels, Coronis Fusion has been designed to help radiologists provide care with confidence.

See more details quickly thanks to the high brightness, high contrast ratio and best-in-class image quality. What's more, the wide color gamut in combination with SteadyColor™ calibration technology helps you see even more colors and more details on the 30-inch screen.

Smart workflow

Designed for your comfort and to boost productivity, Coronis Fusion comes with smart image-enhancing features and clinical workflow tools. The display's wide viewing angle combined with the SoftGlow™ task and wall light help reduce eye strain. Thanks to SpotView™, a proven clinical tool, radiologists can further improve detection accuracy as well as reading productivity. 

Effortless quality & compliance

Like all of Barco's medical display systems, Coronis Fusion comes with QAWeb, a cloud-based technology for automated calibration, Quality Assurance and compliance to ensure maximum uptime of the display with no need for human intervention. 

 A one-stop-shop solution

Barco medical display systems include exclusive display controllers that are validated with the latest workstations and with all major PACS applications. All components are under the full 5-year warranty (including the display backlight) for complete peace of mind.

  • 4 メガピクセル解像度 (2048 x 2048)
  • 30 インチ・スクリーン (対角線)
  • シームレスなワイドスクリーン・デスクトップ
  • 長寿命 LED 技術
  • 詳しく見たいものに光を集中。
  • 一貫性のある色とグレースケールを保証
  • スクリーン前面内蔵センサー
  • MediCal QA ソフトウェア 込み
  • 反射のない保護 前面ガラス
  • グレースケールの DICOM 標準に適合し、一貫性が高く知覚的にリニアな色を保証する校正済み
  • Ambient Light Compensation
  • 校正済みで一貫性のあるグレースケール
  • 広い色域
  • 目の疲れを低減するタスクライトとウォールライト
  • 高速なコントロールとスムーズな画像操作用
  • 標準 5 年保証
  • 診断輝度 (超高輝度ディスプレイ)

Coronis Fusion 4MP (MDCC-4430)

MDCC-4430 NC



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